What is the Atomic Game Engine?

The Atomic Game Engine features a cross-platform editor with deployment to Windows, OSX, Linux, WebGL, Android, and iOS. Applications can be built using JavaScript, TypeScript, native C++, with C# scripting in development. The Atomic Game Engine is a full source solution under the permissive MIT License with over 800 stars on GitHub

Atomic started as a fork of the Urho3D engine in Q4 2014 and has since added many features including the Atomic Editor, JavaScript/TypeScript scripting, CEF3 WebView integration, 2D lighting system, binary deployment, and much more…


GameFromScratch.com - “If you are looking for a Unity-esque editing experience, but with a much cleaner coding experience and access to the source code, certainly give Atomic a shot…”

Machine Zone Recruiter - On Atomic, “I can’t imagine anyone in the world is more incentivized to produce the fastest, most scalable game engine possible”

The Atomic Community and Project Leadership

The Atomic Community is made up of individuals and studios coming together to push the engine runtime and tooling forward, on 6 platforms! The community contributes examples, bug fixes, and major engine features.

Josh Engebretson is the lead developer on Atomic with 20 years of game industry experience creating both innovative games and powerful game technology. He began his career as the Technical Director at Canopy Games where he wrote a game engine that powered 11 retail box titles including racing games for Kawasaki and Harley Davidson.

[IMAGE ALT TEXT](https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshengebretson “”)

Josh developed the successful indie MMO “Minions of Mirth” with over 100,000 players using the Torque Game Engine and worked at GarageGames as a Senior Programmer on Torque3D.

He has provided technical solutions for mobile and desktop applications for clients such as Microsoft, Adobe, and Disney, including multiple keynote game demonstrations. Josh has also written and directly licensed advanced native technology to companies such as Amazon, HTC, Boeing, Airbus, Sony, Audi, and many others.

Included 2D and 3D Examples

Why Atomic needs your support

A cross platform game engine targeting 6 platforms is a lot of work! We need to raise funds in order to continue developing features such as integrated debugging, C# scripting, editor workflow improvements, platform updates, and to address a growing list of issues. There are other project expenses such as CI hardware, web site updates, hosting costs, etc.


We also need to be able to hire contractors and post bounties on BountySource for new features and bug fixes.

In addition to monetary contributions, we need help reviewing pull requests, addressing open issues, providing support in chat, etc. Please visit http://www.AtomicGameEngine.com for more information.

If you like the Atomic Game Engine, please pledge now as every dollar helps move the needle forward for everyone’s benefit!

Atomic Media

Here is a video playlist featuring an early access overview, mobile deployment, WebGL deployment, and a look at the 2D platformer.

Please note that these videos reference Atomic before it was open sourced under the permissive MIT license

Atomic Game Engine repository visualization of master branch commits

Atomic Awesomeness

Nearly instant cross platform deployment

Light Dark
The Atomic Editor runs on Windows, OSX, and Linux with theme support

FBX Import
Drag and Drop FBX and Blender import

Fast iteration with instant play preview

Linux Editor
Atomic Editor running on Linux

Profiling the Web Player under Chrome

CEF3 WebView for integrating Social & ECommerce into desktop apps

Integrated JavaScript and TypeScript Editor (C# support in development)

Thanks for your Consideration

Thanks for considering a pledge or sponsorship to the Atomic Game Engine. We’re a community of software professionals with solid technical leadership. Atomic is available now for creating apps and games on 6 platforms! - Josh Engebretson on behalf of the Atomic Commmunity