Atomic News - Jan 23rd, 2017

Hello! This is Josh Engebretson, Technical Director on the Atomic Game Engine. We’ve been busy working on shipping Atomic Build 3 and leveling up business development. Things are rocking with Atomic, so today’s blog is in two parts, enjoy! 🎸

Before we begin, a special shout out to darrylryan who is working on adding terrain sculpting and painting to the Atomic Editor. It is looking great so far and I know help is welcome on the feature, so don’t be afraid to jump in! 🐪

Part I - Atomic Development
Part II - Business Development

Atomic Editor Build 3 Released

THUNDERBEAST GAMES and the Atomic Community are pleased to announce Atomic Editor Build 3 binaries are available to download! This build we’ve focused on object memory profiling tools, support for C# arrays in the inspector, Atomic Player API improvements, maturing internal subsystems, fixing important bugs, and adding developer info to the Atomic Wiki. A list of update highlights is available below.

Atomic Build 3 is brought to you by: christoffersch, CTrauma, JimMarlowe, JohnnyWahib, JoshEngebretson, LaraEngebretson, mattbenic, shaddockh, with new contributors, bparvanov and rosshadden. Welcome to the caravan and as always, a hearty thanks to all Atomic contributors and community members who helped on the build!

Atomic Build 3 Highlights
  • Profiling - Added Object memory profiling and metrics subsystem
  • C# - CSComponent inspector support for dynamic/fixed size array members
  • Player - Player subsystem Scene handling improvements
  • Editor - Inspector now displays whether a script is implemented in JS, TS, or C#
  • Wiki - Many additions and improvements to the Atomic Wiki!
  • Script - Exposed VariantVector, Frustum, PackageFile, and UI::CycleDebugHudMode to script
  • Script - Improvements to ScriptVector and ScriptVariant
  • TypeScript - Updated to use generated native enum values
  • TypeScript - Constants converted to enums where possible
  • Platform - Added additional SDL key mappings
  • Editor - Project load/save now remembers the last folder used
  • Editor - Updated Welcome screen and help menu with new Atomic Support forums
  • Linux - Fixed issue with Pulse audio CPU usage and possible black screen
  • C# - Fixed issue with custom C# script events
  • C# - Fixed issue with reparenting C# nodes and component updates
  • Editor - Fixed issue with multiple selected resource tabs
  • Editor - Improved contrast on example language toggle button states
  • ToolCore - Fixed issues with JSONFile::GetRoot in assets
  • Deployment - Removed some UI psd assets that were in deployment

We’re setting up staging issues for Atomic Build 4, this build will be released before GDC. We’ll have more information available on the Atomic Community site as the build progresses… and help is always welcome! :)

Leveling up the Atomic Business

The Atomic Game Engine was founded for creating our games and for licensing to other developers. This approach has worked out well in the past, with id Tech, Unreal, and Torque. The later originally being an internal engine for Dynamix (Tribes 2!) with GarageGames later pioneering awesome game tech for the masses.

In Atomic, we saw an opportunity to develop lean, full source, technology for mobile and desktop with a powerful core API and raw, down to the metal, native performance. Technology that leverages industry standard languages and tooling for use in games, education/training, serious applications, and new growth areas such as AR/VR.

Atomic was launched in early access, Q1 2015 with both indie and enterprise licensing. This went great and we were able to bootstrap Atomic with the revenue. Thanks to all the early adopters! Since we started development, a lot has changed in technology licensing, much of it truly fantastic.

Microsoft reinventing itself has resulted in an amazing release of valuable technology on GitHub. This is great for Atomic as we leverage core Microsoft technology, including Visual Studio/VSCode integration for JavaScript/TypeScript, C#, and C++ development.

Like many, we were jubilant over the unification of NET technology and developers facilitated by Xamarin joining Microsoft (hooray!). This also opened up licensing for Atomic to deploy to Android and iOS with the latest releases of the Xamarin C# mobile stack, and more! 🚀

We’ve even embedded Monaco into the Atomic Editor with full Atomic API intellisense! 😲

Speaking of releasing awesome technology under the permissive MIT license, Atomic was open sourced under it during GDC 2016, and we haven’t looked back :) I’m thrilled to report that the Atomic Editor is now installed in 75 countries! This has taken a staggering amount of work, community support, and help from the contributors in the Atomic Camel Caravan, thanks everyone! 🐪 🐫 🐪 🐫 🐪 🌴 ☀️

On We Sweep with Threshing Oar

THUNDERBEAST GAMES LLC has been working full-time plus on the Atomic Game Engine for over 2 years. The core technology is in great shape, now we need to scale the Atomic business to provide a world class solution and services.

We welcome those interested in using Atomic technology in their product and/or sponsoring development to contact us at:

We’ll also be at GDC 2017, so if you’re going to be at the show, please ping us, we would love to talk to you! Thanks!

Own the Source!,
Josh Engebretson 🐪
Technical Director

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