Atomic and Google VR

The Atomic Game Engine is running on Google VR with head tracking and gamepad support. The Google VR SDK is excellent mobile VR technology and getting Atomic working with it only took a couple days.

We’re looking for partners to take Atomic AR/VR to the next level, please contact us at:

Atomic Glow

In case you missed it, we recently blogged about Atomic’s upcoming UWP and Xbox One support.

Atomic Glow, our high quality lightmap atlasing and GI baking technology, is also in development. Glow features high speed ray tracing provided by Intel’s Embree and Thekla’s texture atlasing system with more information available on “The Witness” blog.

Atomic Glow will generate beautiful, high performance baked lighting, which can be combined with realtime lights and shadows.

Atomic at GDC 2017

Atomic will be at GDC and we’re really looking forward to the show. If you would like to chat about how Atomic technology can benefit your project or enterprise, contact us at:

About the Atomic Game Engine

The Atomic Game Engine is powerful 2D/3D technology developed by industry veterans and contributors from around the world.

Atomic is lean, full source, technology for mobile and desktop. It has a powerful core API with access to raw, down to the metal, native performance. Atomic technology leverages industry standard languages and tooling for use in games, education/training, serious applications, and new growth areas such as AR/VR.

The Atomic Editor is installed in over 75 countries and is being used in production environments. It is also a great resource for learning JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, and the art of native C++ engine design.

If you need excellent, high performance technology which leverages the full might of GitHub, the Atomic Community invites you to download the Atomic Editor or fork us on GitHub!

See you at GDC!,
Josh Engebretson 🐪
Atomic Game Engine Founder

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