Announcing UWP and Xbox One Support

We’re pleased to announce that Universal Windows Platform support is coming to the Atomic Game Engine! Development builds of Atomic’s UWP technology already run great on Windows 10 and Xbox One. We also look forward to supporting innovative UWP powered devices like the HoloLens and Surface Hub!

Atomic’s powerful API can be leveraged in UWP apps using standard tooling and languages, such as JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, and C++ with full source debugging and profiling.

Atomic’s UWP support is integrated with Visual Studio and joins the existing Xamarin and native Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and WebGL platforms.

In addition to spinning up new UWP apps directly from the Atomic Editor, we will support standard Visual Studio project templates for Universal Atomic applications.

Atomic will be at GDC and it is a great time to setup a meeting by contacting us at:

In the meantime, here’s a brief 2 minute demonstration of using the Atomic Editor, Visual Studio, and VSCode for UWP app development on the Xbox One! See you at the show!!! :)

About the Atomic Game Engine

The Atomic Game Engine is powerful 2D/3D technology developed by industry veterans and contributors from around the world.

Atomic is lean, full source, technology for mobile and desktop. It has a powerful core API with access to raw, down to the metal, native performance. Atomic technology leverages industry standard languages and tooling for use in games, education/training, serious applications, and new growth areas such as AR/VR.

The Atomic Editor is installed in over 75 countries and is being used in production environments. It is also a great resource for learning JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, and the art of native C++ engine design.

If you need excellent, high performance technology which leverages the full might of GitHub, the Atomic Community invites you to download the Atomic Editor or fork us on GitHub!

Josh Engebretson 🐪
Atomic Game Engine Founder

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