Happy New Year 2017!

We’re starting a new year of Atomic development and are excited to announce a new Atomic Community Portal, Atomic Editor world map, plans for Q1 2017, and a hotfix for Build 2, whew! :)

New Atomic Community Portal

We’ve launched a new Atomic Community Portal available at https://discourse.atomicgameengine.com/

After trying dedicated forum and Q/A systems, I think Discourse is a vastly superior option for building community. As a hosted solution it also provides peace of mind on security updates and backups. A big thanks to the awesome team at Discourse for generously providing hosting for the Atomic Game Engine! :)

Atomic Editor World Installation Map

We’ve worked hard on the Atomic registration and installation experience. The Atomic Editor is now installed and running in 61 countries since the latest build was released, only 2 weeks ago!

There are significant challenges in shipping binaries these days. On Windows, SmartScreen protects users from most binaries, including signed ones. You get a scary message and it isn’t obvious that you can continue. BTW, this is after Chrome/IE warn about running the executable.

These problems have been solved by purchasing an EV code signing certificate and becoming a recognized SmartScreen entity by Microsoft. It was really great running the installer for the first time without the SmartScreen alarm… and this has greatly improved the download to registration conversion :)

Build 2 Patch 1 released

We’ve released Atomic Build 2 Patch 1 which fixes an issue with TypeScript inspector fields (thanks @shaddockh!).

As a bonus, it includes the new object tracking profiler which helps catch object leaks and related memory issues. The new Metrics subsystem also tracks whether native, C#, or JavaScript/TypeScript code instantiated objects. You can check out more information on profiling on the Atomic Wiki

Atomic in Q1 2017

The first quarter will be very busy for THUNDERBEAST GAMES as we prepare for GDC 2017 the first week of March. If you would like to meet at GDC, please ping us at contact@AtomicGameEngine.com

I will be working on a major new tooling feature called Atomic Glow for generating scene lightmaps with automatic UV2 generation and high quality texture atlases.

We’ll also continue releasing new official binaries, addressing issues, reviewing pull requests, managing builds, answering questions and inquiries, and all the other stuff too :)

Want to Help Make Atomic Better?

Josh Engebretson 🐪
Technical Director

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