Atomic Build 2 and Atomic Community Registration

December 28th, 2016

Atomic Build 2:

THUNDERBEAST GAMES and the Atomic Community are pleased to announce Atomic Build 2 binaries are available to download! This build we’ve focused on quality of life improvements for C# projects, custom editor resource plugins, API reference documentation, and TypeScript improvements. A full list of update highlights is available below.

This build is brought to you by: Alan-FGR, christoffersch, darrylryan, JimMarlowe, JohnnyWahib, JoshEngebretson, LaraEngebretson, and shaddockh. As always, a hearty thanks to all Atomic contributors and community members who helped on the build!

Atomic Community Registration:

We’ve added Atomic Community registration to the binaries provided by THUNDERBEAST GAMES. During registration you can optionally sign up for updates and anonymous editor usage metrics. If you would rather not share this anonymous data, please deselect the option during registration.

Registration is a spam free zone with no information being shared and only notification of significant updates.

Update Highlights:

  • [Editor] Custom file resource inspector plugins (with example)

  • [Editor] Added TmxFile2D resource type for inspector fields

  • [Docs] Added new C#, C++, and updated JavaScript/TypeScript API references

  • [Network] Restored functionality for master server and client

  • [Web] Added Web subsystem events and convenience methods for post data and responses

  • [C#] Output dev project assemblies to Lib, so when modifying AtomicNET sources, changes are used properly

  • [C#] CSComponent cleanups for instantiation from script/serialized from scene (also cleans up nativeOverride hack)

  • [C#] Fix for exception when instantiating any RefCounted derived instance during a CSComponent default constructor

  • [C#] Better error reporting for CSComponent load issues

  • [C#] Added Material.SetShaderParameter API

  • [C#] Added Vector4/String to ScriptVariant

  • [C#] On demand project assembly compilation from within the Atomic Editor

  • [C#] Inspector attribute can now be used to set inspector tooltips

  • [TypeScript] Upgraded to TypeScript 2.1

  • [TypeScript] Removed deprecated allowNonTsExtensions

  • [TypeScript] Automatically generate a tasks.json for VSCode

  • [TypeScript] Updated tsconfig with rootUrl properly for non-relative imports

  • [TypeScript] Strongly typed native event interfaces and subscription

  • [Examples] Fixed exception with virtual dpad in JavaScript examples

  • [Desktop] Fixed issues with engine configuration json parsing in deployed applications

  • [Windows] Fixed issue with Visual Studio 2017 detection

  • [Windows] Fixed UI pixel offset issue when rendering with OpenGL

  • [macOS] Added NSHighResolutionCapable flag to Atomic Editor

  • [General] Updated About dialog with contributor and build vendor information

  • [General] Misc bug fixes and optimizations

  • [Maintenance] Removed CurlManager from ToolCore as duplicated Web subsystem

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Happy New Year!,
Josh Engebretson 🐪
Technical Director

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