Atomic Build 1 and 2016 Feature Video Released

Hello! This is Josh Engebretson the Technical Director of THUNDERBEAST GAMES LLC, founders of the Atomic Game Engine, and proud member of the Atomic Community! I’m excited to announce that Atomic Build 1 binaries are available to download or to fork on GitHub under the permissive MIT license!

Please see the build milestone for a full list of commits brought to you by: Alan-FGR, christoffersch, CTrauma, darrylryan, flyover, JimMarlowe, JohnnyWahib, JoshEngebretson, LaraEngebretson, mattbenic, rokups, shaddockh, Type1J, and weinandvv. A hearty thanks to all Atomic contributors and community members who helped on the build!

We’re also pleased to present the Atomic Game Engine Feature Reel for 2016! It has been a monster year of Atomic development and we’re just getting started :) Check out the technology brief and resources for more information. Please direct inquiries to

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Josh Engebretson 🐪
Technical Director

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