We are pleased to announce that the Atomic Game Engine is now available under the permissive MIT license! Get the precompiled Atomic Editor for Windows or Mac on the download page or fork the full source on GitHub and compile your own game engine!

What is the Atomic Game Engine?

The Atomic Game Engine is a powerful game authoring solution which features cross platform editing and deployment to Windows, OSX, Android, iOS, Linux, and WebGL. Games and other applications can be written in JavaScript, TypeScript, C++, with C# scripting in the works.

Atomic includes a wealth of examples: 2D Physics Platformer, 3D ToonTown scene with advanced shadows, physics, procedural sky, and day and night cycles. Spriter animation examples, small game examples, and more!

We have integrated Chromium providing a powerful 2D and 3D web technology feature. This can be used for social logins, eCommerce, video streaming, WebRTC, in-app WebCam support, etc.

The Atomic Editor uses the Chromium WebView technology to provide an integrated JavaScript and TypeScript editor with autocomplete, syntax highlighting, code folding, and more!

Why MIT the Atomic Game Engine?

We wanted to simplify Atomic’s licensing and reduce barriers as we work with our partners on the technology. There was thought put to “dual licensing” the code under separate commercial and GPL licenses. However, we believe the permissive MIT license brings the most value to Atomic technology end users, including us, THUNDERBEAST GAMES LLC

We also view the MIT as a modern software license being used to develop amazing technology across industries, in games alone we’re in great company with cocos2d-x, Godot, and of course Urho3D from which Atomic was initially forked in the fall of 2014!


We are continuing to provide technical leadership and investing resources into the Atomic technology. The Atomic Game Engine will also be participating in a number of Open Source initiatives.

THUNDERBEAST GAMES LLC is available to contract on select Atomic projects and technology. We’re also currently building products with Atomic, including a game :)

Please direct business and other inquiries to: contact@AtomicGameEngine.com or join the Atomic Facebook Group

– Josh Engebretson