Why Atomic?

The Atomic Game Engine is powerful native technology with a consistent API and tooling available in C++, C#, and JavaScript. The Atomic Editor is installed in over 75 countries and has hit “critical mass” with production in multiple industries.

Atomic can also be used as a library in existing projects with a C++ SDK, C# NuGet, and JavaScript npm package in development.

Atomic Technology

  • Consistent 2D/3D API available in JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, and C++
  • Built-in Monaco JavaScript/TypeScript editor with support for VSCode and Atom
  • C# IDE integration with Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio, and MonoDevelop
  • Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and WebGL platform deployment
  • High performance native C++ core with single command builds and absolute minimum dependencies
  • Node based scene graph with access to low level graphics API for custom rendering on D3D 9/11, OpenGL 2/3/ES2, and WebGL
  • Modular component system including C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, and C++ logic components with networking
  • Drag and drop standard 2D/3D format import, including Autodesk FBX, Collada, Blender, Spriter, Tiled, and more
  • Innovative preview mode runs in subprocess for editor stability, reduced memory fragmentation, and is the foundation for future previewing on device
  • Chromium WebView for E-Commerce payments, accessing Facebook social graph, video streaming, and many more use cases
  • Automated script binding generation of native C++ subsystems
  • Best in class third party integrations including Box2D/Bullet physics, Recast/Detour pathfinding, TurboBadger UI, CEF3, duktape VM, SDL2
  • Available as precompiled binaries or fork on GitHub under the permissive MIT license
  • Backed by professionals with decades of experience in the technology and game industries

Download the Atomic Editor

Atomic Editor binary downloads are not currently available. Build from source for your platform using these instructions.

Atomic Resources

API References

How to Help

  • Let others know about the Atomic Game Engine!

  • Leverage Atomic technology in your product and/or help sponsor development, email us at: contact@AtomicGameEngine.com

  • Answer questions and provide feedback in the Atomic Community Support Forum and Atomic Chat

  • Help maintain current and write new Atomic Wiki documentation articles

  • Fork AtomicGameEngine/AtomicExamples and submit a pull request with current example improvements or a new example

  • Help with issues marked unassigned: help wanted in the current build milestone

  • Inform us of other ways to help that should be added here :)

Atomic Sponsors

Thanks to the following sponsors for their financial support:

Brandon Lamb, Type1J, mattmanj17, shaddockh, ryalman, Keith Johnston, TopMdw, and drsounds. A full list of Atomic Game Engine backers is available in Backers.md

Atomic History

THUNDERBEAST GAMES began developing the Atomic Game Engine on November 12th, 2014 by forking Urho3D. It was released under the permissive MIT license during GDC 2016. Atomic is now being used in production environments, has 30 contributors, and runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and WebGL!

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